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What is a floor film

When decorating in the home, can use floor film, floor film is a kind of protective film actually, can avoid the ground, floor to wait to be damaged. So what is floor film after all?

What is floor film
When decorating or floor, can use floor film. Household decorates floor protective film to be made commonly with knit cotton, its wear resistance, water proofing property is better, because this is placed in the ground, can avoid effectively damage to scratch. Floor protective film surface layer has a lot of advantage such as prevent slippery, fire prevention, reduced the danger that decorate, provided better safeguard for decorating personnel. Moreover, knitted cotton belongs to industrial cotton, which can be recycled and reused indefinitely. It has the effect of environmental protection and energy saving.

The benefits of floor film

1. Make the construction team safer during the decoration, protect the floor tiles accordingly and improve the quality of the decoration project. Home decoration floor protective film is generally made of PVC and knitted cotton, its wear resistance, water resistance are more in place, to avoid careless damage scratches.

2. The floor film is non-slip and fireproof, avoiding the risk of decoration. Besides, knitted cotton belongs to industrial cotton, which can be recycled and reused indefinitely.

Three, the role of floor film

1. Door protection
The entry of all kinds of decoration materials and the clearance of all kinds of construction decoration garbage will pass through the door. In the process of handling these items, the probability of collision and friction with the door will be greatly increased. So before decorating to begin, until furniture comes in during, need to enter door to undertake protecting, can use finished product protective film to wrap the door.

2. Protection during water and electricity renovation
When the circuit transformation, can slot the place as far as possible slot, cannot slot the place must be fixed and protected; Water pipes should be sealed; Wrap exposed threads as much as possible.

3, tile, floor of the shop paste protection

Ceramic tile, floor shop is part of foundation decorates, often find ceramic tile construction and after construction didn't do the finished product protection work, specific performance: ceramic tile shop while jointing, ceramic tile in the shop, the ceramic tile, just lay on the floor debris piled up on the walk trample, floor tile, floor finished product protection cover is not used, these will affect the effect of tile shop is stuck, the construction quality of ceramic tile problem.




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