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Changzhou Highsun Decorative Material Co., Ltd., established in 2005, is a professional design, production for enterprise decoration decoration used to pad, protective film products company, after 10 years of hard work and development, has been with a certain scale and strength, have their own factories and professional service team, we have been with specific precision industry target positioning, efforts to build the first high-quality decorative enterprises decoration supplies R & D and production enterprises. And has won the "excellent enterprise" and "contract and trustworthy" unit and many honorary titles.

Our main products are: moisture-proof pad, mute pad, heating pad, cork pad, protective film, reflective film, mainly used for various types of strengthen the flooring, solid wood flooring, wood flooring, composite floors below, played the role of moisture, mute, and various types of protective film, a number of product types, according to the business requirements in a custom-made. After we step by step efforts and development, now has reached 7000 square meters, 90% square meters of products sold in North America, Europe and other places. Signed a long-term cooperation with domestic, nature, and other well-known Shun Dekor flooring brand.
Our goal is to: strive to be the most satisfied with all the users floor mats supplier, we believe we will do better with your support.

Our philosophy: "honesty, strength for the first, wholeheartedly for customers", our company adhering to the customer first, service oriented business philosophy, with excellent service quality, professional technical service strength, to bring customers the best floor mats, thoroughly solve the problem caused by land.
Three reasons to choose us:
Expertise: specializing do, 10 years we only do floor mats and protective film, because the focus, so we are more professional can according to your needs in a custom-made.
Cheap:: we have our own factory, our workers team, so we provide the price is cheaper than the dealer, so that you spend the least money to buy the best things.
Sunshine Service: we have specialized domestic and foreign trade team, different teams responsible for different areas, the person specifically for customers, to each customer the most considerate service.
Our commitment:
Commitment: all customers are responsible, and is to provide long-term service.
Commitment two: free samples, do not like to buy, not to charge any fee.
Three commitments: the goods in question, unconditional replacement or return.
Commitment four: to provide customers with customized logo.
Commitment five: because of our reasons, there is no error, no charge.
All along, we have been using superb technology and sincere service to impress customers,
The best products, best service, the best reputation, is our benchmark; your satisfied smile is our eternal pursuit; strong technical force, high-quality low-priced products, first-class marketing service, is your best choice!




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